Eddie Pitwell, Eastbourne

"“18 years ago, I suffered a back injury while serving in the armed forces. Being young it healed quickly and I thought nothing more of it. How wrong was I.... age caught up with me!!
Now [I’m] 42 and for the last few years I have had reoccurrences of the injury that had worsened as I have aged to the point I had pain most days for the whole day. A few months ago, I decided to get it sorted. I had an assessment with Gemma that I can only describe as thorough. We covered the original injury all the way to that day. Gemma then put a treatment plan in place. I started to see Gemma twice weekly for treatment and over the next few months I felt miles better. I now see Gemma on a monthly basis to check my back out and treat it. I can happily say I am pain free. Gemma is an exceptional chiropractor. Thank you very much!!!”"

Tony Land, Eastbourne

"“Front office staff so welcoming. It’s not at all daunting to visit this friendly practice. Dr Gemma Couch is so patient and is really on top of her work I am so happy with the treatment for my lower back pain. Thanks to you all [at Clearly Chiropractic.” "

Christopher, Bexhill

"“Gemma has been amazing from the start. Since day one I have seen a massive improvement in my posture and now feel no discomfort at all.” "

Rachel, Eastbourne

"“I met Gemma at a family fun day. She was easily approachable and has a very friendly manner. She helped me book my first appointment and at this appointment she was very clear about what her role is and how treatment works. When I came to the first appointment my back was very stiff. Thanks to Gemma and her treatments I am now feeling a lot more flexible.” "

Kelly - Chiropractic Care of 6-week Old Baby

"“My baby son is sleeping so much better and more relaxed thanks to chiropractor Gemma’s lifestyle advice.”"

Michael - Chiropractic Prevention of Migraine Headaches

"“When I first came in to see Gemma, I was very much suffering with a mixture of both neck pain and headaches. Through following Gemma’s treatment plan and advice I was able to get back to the more important things in my life without worrying of the potential consequences. Thank you Gemma for all you have done for me”"

Connor - Chiropractic Treatment for Low Back Pain in a 20 year-old

"“I first booked in to see Gemma because of leg pain and some numbness I had been experiencing for quite a while. Thanks to Gemma and regular check-ups I am now pain free and am back playing football”"

Harriet - Chiropractic Treatment and Exercises for Shoulder Pain

"“I first saw Gemma last year as I had been suffering from shoulder pain and pins and needles in my arm which disturbed my sleep. This was a real problem for me as I found I could not be as active as I had been. With Gemma’s help I no longer experience sleepless nights and can do all the activities I had previously enjoyed. Thank you Gemma you are a star!!"

Charles - Chiropractic Treatment for Low Back Pain

"“I had suffered lower back pain for about 6 years, and finally decided to do something about it, so booked in to see Gemma at the Chiropractic Clinic. After the first session Gemma, identified that I had very tight muscles in the back and that I would need some spinal realignment after she had sorted out the muscular issues. Within 4 weeks, I was pain free - for the first time in YEARS! Gemma is a top-class chiropractor, and I would highly recommend her. 10/10. Thank you Gemma!”"

Annika - Chiropractic Care for a 5-week Old Baby

"“I brought my five week old son to see Gemma at the chiropractic clinic. He was having trouble lying on his back to sleep. Now he feels so much more relaxed and sleeps all night!! Thank you Gemma for your help”"

Ann - Chiropractic Treatment for Knee Pain

"“It has been really worthwhile as my knee is so much better and I am virtually pain free thanks to ‘little gem’ Gemma”"

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