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Tips to Keep your Spine Healthy when Travelling from your Eastbourne Chiropractor

A lot of my chiropractic patients often ask me what my best tips are for looking after their spine on long journeys. As we all know, long journeys can be pretty demanding on the back and the neck, and that’s before we’ve even lifted up the suitcases! With thousands of people set to fly out… Read More

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

Eastbourne chiropractor Dr Gemma Crouch has a special area of interest in chiropractic care for pregnant mums-to- be, babies and children of all ages. Since completing her master’s degree in chiropractic, she has continued to study within this area. The aim of this blog is to share with you a little about how chiropractic can… Read More

Eastbourne Chiropractor’s Guide to Exercise in Pregnancy

Eastbourne Chiropractor’s Guide to Exercise in Pregnancy Reasons Why Exercise Can Benefit You During Pregnancy and How to Do It Safely? Eastbourne chiropractor Gemma Crouch explains the health benefits of regular exercise: Gemma Crouch DC,LRCC,MChiro,BSc(HONS) practices at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne Town Centre. She sees a lot of pregnant ladies, babies and children of all… Read More

Tummy Time for Babies

Your Eastbourne Chiropractor’s Advice About: Tummy Time for Babies Hi I’m Gemma Crouch, I’m an Eastbourne based chiropractor with a special interest in paediatrics and pregnancy chiropractic treatment. I’m passionate about pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic, so as well as my busy practice here in Eastbourne I hope these blogs can be used to help other… Read More

Advice & Information from your Local Eastbourne Chiropractor

The plan for this page is to be a gathering place for information about health and chiropractic issues that you may find helpful. I am more than happy to answer and questions you may have during your chiropractic visits but sometimes it’s useful to answer a question here as well. If you have any questions… Read More

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