Tension and Inability to Relax

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If you’re in Hailsham, Seaford or anywhere close to Eastbourne and are looking for a chiropractor to help you with tension or you’re struggling to relax, then you’ll be in safe hands at Lushington Chiropractic.

Within our modern day busy lives, it is very common to have increased tension and feel the inability to relax. Tension can display itself as neck pain, back pain and/or headaches that tend to come and go with stress or become worse towards the end of the day.

Some people tend to accept this tension over a long period of time and start to of think it as ‘normal’ for people in modern day life to ‘feel this way’.

Here at Clearly Chiropractic based in Eastbourne, I can help you to relieve some of your tension as part of your chiropractic care. I believe in finding the primary cause or root of your problem and taking a whole-body approach to improving your overall function.

There are many reasons why you may feel tension and the inability to relax. It could be due to a poor posture at work, sitting down all day, stress or a chronic condition. Without time to relieve some of these stresses on your body, changes may start to occur which cause irritation to the musculoskeletal system (muscles, joints and bones). I will explain in more detail how this irritation happens.

Tension in an area of your body is most often linked to poor function of the joints within that area. Over time, the muscles which surround and act upon these joints become tense and enter a state of dysfunction.

In order to maintain movement, compensations start to occur. For example, where one part of the body is limited with movement, another will compensate and start to move too much. These biomechanical compensations start to occur as a result of the musculoskeletal system being connected throughout the whole body. This explains why the root of the problem is often different to where you feel your problem.

One of the most common places that we feel tense and experience pain is in the upper shoulders and neck. The primary cause for this type of tension is poor posture. Tension here can lead to cervicogenic headaches, or, headaches which originate from the neck over time if the body is not allowed time to relax and heal.

Chiropractic care is an effective way to help you to begin to relieve some of the tension placed on your muscles and joints due to stress. At Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne, the first visit is extremely thorough and detailed in order to understand as much as possible about your problem. All of our chiropractors include a posture assessment is part of the examination and is very important to identify where your tension is coming from.

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