Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

Here at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne a few of my colleagues have a special area of interest in chiropractic care for pregnant mums-to- be, babies and children of all ages. The aim of this blog is to share with you a little about how chiropractic can benefit you before, during and after your pregnancy.


A lot of my current patients in and around Eastbourne have been asking about how it may benefit a loved one or friend who is expecting. Chiropractic care is suitable for the whole family and is effective for all ages and stages of life.

If you know a pregnant mum-to- be in the Eastbourne area who you think would benefit from a consultation, please contact me for further information or to book a consultation at Lushington Chiropractic.

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time for parents but the anticipation can often be interrupted by pain and discomfort. Up to 50% of women experience some form of neck pain, back pain, headaches or general aching during pregnancy and 50-70% of women experience pains after childbirth. Pain during pregnancy is often overlooked which can be particularly frustrating which often adds to the stress and tension.

Chiropractic care is a very safe and effective method to relieve neck pain, back pain, headaches and general aches in pregnancy.

Why Do You Have Back Pain in Pregnancy?

There is no single cause for experiencing back pain, neck pain or headaches during pregnancy. It may be related to dramatic hormonal changes or structural changes your body goes through. It may even be related to underlying muscle or joint problems which can be exacerbated, or made worse, by pregnancy.

It is beneficial to have a chiropractic consultation to determine the root cause of a problem and to determine if the problem is related to the muscles, joints or nerves.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractors are specialists in the detection, correction and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal (muscles, joints and nerves) type problems. These types of problems often manifest themselves as back pain, neck pain and headaches. As well as helping you relieve pain, chiropractic can also help your spine to function better.

What symptoms do you treat?

Some of the symptoms we normally see in the clinic include:
 Low back pain
 Sciatica
 Neck pain
 Headaches and migraine headaches
 Joint pains
 Pubic bone pain
 Pain around the ribcage
 General muscle aches and pains

In addition to these symptoms stated above which can all occur before and during pregnancy, new mums often come to the clinic after childbirth.

At Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne, we are focused on getting to the root cause of the problem. A chiropractic consultation will involve a thorough history and a physical examination to locate the problems. The next stages and your treatment will be explained to you in-depth.

Is the Treatment Safe?

Chiropractic care is very safe for pregnant ladies and is a very effective treatment to relieve discomfort and provide stability for the spine. It is recognised as one of the most effective non-invasive and drug-free treatments. We would never do anything that would potentially harm you or your baby or that you feel uncomfortable with. The treatments are also specific to pregnancy and are tailored to you and your needs.

Please feel free to contact Lushington Chiropractic if you have any further questions or would like to book a consultation.

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