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I have written this mini case study of ‘baby Jed’ who was brought in to see me because he disliked lying on his back and was frequently very irritable. Baby Jed is a fictitious character based on a number of other babies I have seen within the chiropractic clinic in Eastbourne.

I regularly see babies who are uncomfortable in certain positions. Parents are often worried about their child’s frequent and inconsolable irritability and ask why their baby does not like to lie on their back.

Throughout this case study I will outline the process I follow for babies who come to see me with their parents at the clinic. Along the way, I will highlight some information which may be useful to you.

Baby Jed and Chiropractic Care

When baby Jed was first brought in to the clinic, I spent some time talking and listening to his parents to ensure that I was able to understand fully what was going on. Baby Jed’s parents were concerned because he had a dislike to lying on his back, arched his back and raised his legs up as if in pain. They also told me he was becoming more irritable over time, especially in the early hours of the morning.

Once I felt that I had all the information I needed, I performed a physical examination on baby Jed. For most parts of the examination, I use a special pillow which is comfortable and safe to use on the benches within the chiropractic clinic.

The examination began with vital signs and measurements. I like to plot a growth chart for each baby I see within the clinic involving weight, head circumference and length to monitor your child’s development. It is usually helpful to bring any measurements you already have or the red book with you to your first visit. I then performed a neurological examination on baby Jed. Next, I checked baby Jed’s spine, muscles and joints in order to determine where the problem was.

Following a thorough examination, I formulate a diagnosis and a treatment plan for your child. I will go through each stage of the treatment process and discuss the expected number of appointments I think will be most appropriate for your child’s condition.

Chiropractic Treatment for Babies

Chiropractic treatment for babies is not the same as the treatment for adults. It is modified, very gentle and will cause no harm to your baby. One of the treatments used for babies, which can also be used for adults, is cranial chiropractic.

Babies and young children respond very well to treatment and it is likely that you will see improvements relatively quickly. One of the most common and earliest signs that treatment is taking effect is your child’s sleep will improve and they may seem easier to settle at bed time.

Within a couple of appointments at the clinic with baby Jed, his mother started to notice some changes that were taking place. As a result of the lifestyle advice that baby Jed’s mother received, she noticed that baby Jed was settling to sleep quicker, was less irritable and seemed a lot more comfortable when lying on his back.

Chiropractic Check-Ups for Babies and Children

It is important to have regular chiropractic check-ups to see how your child is responding to care. So with each visit I carry out a mini-review to help assess and improve musculoskeletal function. Sometimes I use these check-ups to take measurements again, to help track your child’s development.

As well as some of the symptoms seen with the case of baby Jed, I also see a number of other musculoskeletal health conditions in new-born babies from Eastbourne and the surrounding area.

If you’re form Eastbourne or surrounding Sussex area and would like to find out more about how chiropractic care can help your little one, then just contact Lushington Chiropractic Clinic and book a consultation with me.

You can also find out more about paediatric chiropractic care and how I can help you, please read of my Bumps and Babies page.

Please feel free to contact me at the clinic if you have any other questions about chiropractic care for babies and young children.

You’ll find Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne’s town centre, it’s highly accessible, with long opening hours and very child friendly. We’re well used to seeing pregnant mums, young babies and children of all ages for chiropractic care.

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