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Stuart’s Office Wellness Tips

  As we all work more and more around technology, it has never been more important to think of ways we can make our workplaces a healthier environment. So start making some small changes to your routine and build a better workplace, not only will you feel better at the end of the day, you will… Read More


31.7 million cars reside in the UK. In 2012, 195,723 road traffic causalities were reported. As a Chiropractor we are specialists in muscles, joints and nerves. We are now seeing an increasing amount of whiplash cases and other correlated problems that develop years later, such as nerve irritations and headaches. The reason a car accident… Read More

The importance of Tummy Time

Working as Chiropractor I see a lot of babies with a deformation in the shape of their head. This has been increasing over the years and has been more noticeable since the introduction of the back to sleep campaign, the recent addition of tummy time advice appears to be the solution for this problem. The… Read More

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